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Multi-touch in a Chart control
One of the most common applications of the multi-touch feature is used to handle images. The display size on a phone being reduced, it is often necessary to zoom an image and/or to move inside an image.
Charts are a special type of image.
This allows you to perform a zoom on a Chart via the contact of 2 fingers moving apart.
Multi-touch in a Chart control allows the user:
  • to increase of decrease the chart's size using two fingers.
  • to display a specific tooltip when touching a chart value with a finger. This tooltip contains the corresponding value by default.
  • to execute a specific process when touching a chart value.
WINDEV Mobile allows you to manage the multi-touch in the Chart controls found in the applications via:
Note: Multi-touch support is also available for Image controls. See Multi-touch in an Image control for more details.
Description of a Chart control: Options specific to the multi-touch
The "Details" tab in the window description of the Chart control is used to manage the actions performed when using the fingers.
The zoom can be managed by the following options:
  • Allow the horizontal zoom.
  • Allow the vertical zoom.
In this case:
  • spreading out two fingers in contact with the screen is used to zoom inside the chart. The zoom will be centered on the point found in the middle of the line drawn by the two contact points.
  • pinching two fingers together that are in contact with the screen allows you to zoom out in the chart.
Note: The multi-touch features or the Image control cannot be used if the window includes a scrollbar.
Optional processes specific to the Multi-touch
iPhone/iPad By default, when the user presses a finger onto a value in the chart, a tooltip comes up. This tooltip contains the current value and it can be customized via grTooltip.
A specific process is associated with the Chart control: "Before the tooltip display". This process is used for example to run a specific process when the users presses on a chart value.
Versión mínima requerida
  • Versión 19
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