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WDTrans: Overview
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WDTrans is a tool for canceling transactions.
Reminder: A transaction is used to make sure that the updates performed on one or more data files have successfully completed. If an error or an incident occurs (power outage during the operations in transaction for example), WDTrans is used to automatically restore the data files to their initial status before the beginning of transaction.
See the management of transactions for more details.
The following operations can be performed by WDTrans:
  • Cancel the operations performed on a transaction file
    If a transaction is in progress, this option cancels all the operations performed on the files in transaction since the beginning of transaction. In this case, the transaction is canceled without interrupting the execution of the program.
    If no transaction is in progress, this option restores the consistency of the database and cancels the unsuccessful transaction (power failure for example).
  • Free the records in transaction
    This option transforms all the records "in transaction" into "normal" records if these records do not belong to a transaction currently in progress. If a record found in the specified data file is considered as being in transaction but does not belong to a transaction in progress, it is automatically freed.
    Caution: This feature is an advanced feature. This feature must be used when it is not possible to cancel the unsuccessful transactions (deleted transaction files for example).

Starting WDTrans

Regardless of its startup mode (interactive or command line), the interface of WDTrans is displayed.
To start WDTrans in interactive mode, all you have to do is run "WDTrans.EXE" directly.
Note: The operations performed on a transaction file can be canceled in command line. See Canceling the operations performed for more details.

Use conditions

WDTrans can be redistributed. WDTrans can be installed along with the applications developed with WINDEV. The WINDEV license entirely enforces.
When creating the setup procedure, WDTrans can be supplied with your applications.
Reminder: The setup procedure can be created from the wizard ("Workshop .. Create the setup procedure") or from the setup editor ("Tools .. WDInst").Reminder: The setup procedure can be created:
  • from the wizard: on the "Project" pane, in the "Generation" group, expand "Setup procedure" and select "Create the setup procedure".
  • from the setup editor: on the "Tools" pane, in the "Utilities" group, click "WDInst".

Installing WDTrans

The following files are required to install WDTrans:
  • WDTrans.EXE
  • wdxxxetat.dll
  • wdxxxhf.dll
  • wdxxxhtml.dll
  • wdxxximg.dll
  • wdxxxobj.dll
  • wdxxxpnt.dll
  • wdxxxprn.dll
  • wdxxxrtf.dll
  • wdxxxstd.dll
  • wdxxxsql.dll
  • wdxxxtrs.dll
  • wdxxxvm.dll
  • wdxxxxml.dll
  • WDxxxOutil.WDKWDOutil.WDK
  • WDTrans.CHM
  • WDTrans_US.CHM
Versión mínima requerida
  • Versión 9
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