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Procedimientos almacenados
See the 929 new features (PDF)

Benefit from the 215 common new features of version 2024 in WINDEV
WINDEV 2024 naturally benefits from the 215 new features common to version 2024, and in particular from editor evolutions, Figma import, Favorite Fields, increased speed, new fields, code editor evolutions, HFSQL RGPD anonymization, HFSQL spatial data, the new Waffle graph type, new SCM features, new WLanguage and OOP features, and more.
Cell control in WINDEV: an easy-to-use container
WINDEV 2024's new Cell control can be used to group together a set of fields.
This makes it possible to handle both editing and programming simultaneously..
Cell control is styled to enhance the overall look of all fields: frame, color from Background, etc..
A Cell can also be used to group control s which will be used in an control Flexbox, and which will therefore be positioned in fixed coordinates in the cell..
The Cell control can have several planes, independently of the host window..
Cell control can be anchored to content: the Cell control automatically expands when the fields in the cell are enlarged.
The cross-platform operation is identical to WEBDEV's Cell control.
The Guided Tour generator: essential in WINDEV
The new Guided Tour Generator makes it easy to create Guided Tours for an application or part of an application..
It's the perfect system for presenting new products in an attractive way..
End-users love these little visual sequences!
See news 001 to 013.
For more details, see Guided Tour.
Flexbox: useful also for WINDOWS
The concept of Flexbox, widely used on the Web, is also very useful under Windows, for example to create UIs with behavior similar to the Windows 11 control panel, with dynamic movement and replacement of fields.
For more details, see The Flexbox control.
A new Smart control is delivered with WINDEV 2024
Smart controls save valuable time during the UI creation process, and immediately make your applications more sophisticated.
A new Champ business logic appears in version 2024 of WINDEV:
  • Displaying Document Markdown.
Reminder: Smart controls are provided with their source code, and are therefore completely modifiable and customizable.
New Smart control display for Document Markdown
The "Display Document Markdown" Business Field displays large Markdown content, managing scrollbars..
Text displayed can be selected for copy/paste.
Links are clickable.
Individually oriented column headers
In version 2024, Table control allows you to specify per column the possibility of tilting header text..
AAF export menu
The AAF table Export Menu (to Word, Excel, etc.) has been revised and simplified.
In field contents, clicking on a text can execute WLanguage code. Merci Markdown
In version 2024, it is now possible to define links that will execute an Procedure WLanguage.
Just use Markdown's MarkdownLink function.
Procedure WLanguage must be present in the project.
For example, a clickable product name in text or in an table column can open a product description window.
Input control: a customized vector frame without Image
In version 2024, input fields can benefit from vectorized frames for each report..
No need to use an image to personalize Border.
Numerous parameters are available for each report of the Border: color, thickness, rounding, etc..
control Combo Box: a customized vector frame without Image
The previous novelty is also available for Combos.
control Token: Drag & Drop to sort Token s
It becomes possible to offer Drag/Drop in the Token fields in order to change the order of the Token s.
No programming required.
Free minibar! control HTML Editor and Word Processing control
The Text Processing and HTML Editor fields feature a ribbon with a wide range of options..
The 2024 version also features a new, minimalist options bar..
Depending on the intended use and the size of the control, this makes for a more discreet, less intrusive bar..
Mini toolbars are delivered as Internal Windows and can therefore be customized..
Input control: clickable Icon in the input field
In version 2024, a clickable Icon can be placed in the input field itself..
The icon can be placed on the right and/or left side..
The icon is clickable.
A new Treatment appears to enter the WLanguage code that will be executed when the Icon is clicked. .
Icon is customizable.
Champ Interrupteur: new possibilities from presenter
In version 2024, a switch can now display descriptive text au- Above or below the switch itself.
And so adopt current looks.
control Button: adapts to content
In version 2024, the size of a button can be adapted to the text displayed in it..
This is very useful in the case of programmatically entered labels, and in the case of multilingual applications with texts of varying lengths..
  • 2 new Events "Before application of skin template " , "After application of skin template " ,
  • Dynamic call to Procedure from Fenêtre Interne,
  • HTML Display control: new "Error loading the page" event,
  • The new Property Markdown enables Markdown display of field labels. Useful when creating control by programming.
New control "WLanguage code editor".
The new control Code Editor lets an application user enter WLanguage code.: the developer for testing purposes, or an experienced end-user for entering business logic formulas or rules, or customer-specific customization.
For more details, see Code Editor control.
control code editor safeguards
For security reasons, the application designer can prohibit the use of certain WLanguage functions or families of functions in this control.
For more details, see Code Editor control.
Un control coloré
The control Code Editor features syntax highlighting and input help.
For more details, see Code Editor control.
Devops: an useful field for operational fine-tuning
The control Code Editor makes it easy to fine-tune and test in real-life configuration.: actual data are accessible in the context of the application in use.
Queries can be executed.
For more details, see Code Editor control.
Use multiple analyses in a single project
You've often asked us: use multiple analyses (data descriptions) in a single project.
WINDEV 2024 makes it possible to use two or more different analyses in the same project.
You can use multiple analyses permanently, or as a one-off alternative in order to run specific queries.
All the data files from all the analyses support databinding.
For more details, see Project with multiple analyses.
Multi-database queries
Another eagerly-awaited new feature is the ability to run queries using the databases of several different analyses.
data can be located on several different servers.
Queries can be described in SQL or by orders from the hLit* family.
Databinding is operational on a multi-database query.
When several analyses have data files with the same name, a warning is displayed. In this case, you can rename a data file. Otherwise, the data file will be used for the first analysis specified.
Cut out your analyses?
One use of this new feature may be the ability to split a large analysis into several smaller ones, making it easier to share these analyses between several projects.
For more details, see Project with multiple analyses.
Share your analysis with SCM
The different analyzes used in a project can be shared between projects through SCM.
Everything is automatic , no manipulation to be carried out.
For more details, see Project with multiple analyses.
Passage of parameters
A WINDEV window can be used to integrate a WEBDEV page or site, and exchange data by calling native WLanguage procedures..
In the 2024 version, it becomes possible to switch from structures to arrays s and arrays s.
Help editor
In version 2024, it is now possible to customize the banner on help pages (for HTML-compiled helps).
For more details, see Compiler options.
Common new features
The WINDEV environment benefits from the common new features of version 2024 (see new features 042 to 058).
In particular, document scheduling in the document bar, faster compilation, simplified UI s, multiple model inheritance and new automations.
New skin template for WINDEV
skin template Cobalt appears in 2024 version.
This allows for new customization possibilities.
Common new features
The WINDEV window editor benefits from the following new features: favorite fields, pixel alignment, customizable templates, multiple template inheritance, etc..
For more details, see New Features brochure - Version 2024: Common new features.
control Tree: stored value, stored item
In version 2024, the 7 tabs of an TreeView control with Data binding can be used to define both the stored value and the stored item.
Simplified UI
Parameterization of mandatory input fields benefits from a simpler and more intUI tive UI..
The creation of a new window also benefits from a more int UI UI.
For styles too, version 2024 brings a simplified, much more intUI tive UI.
RAD: taking multi-analysis projects into account
In the 2024 version, a project can include several analyses.
RAD enables you to select data files from different analyses, and generate the appropriate processes.
Add tags to Private Store applications
In version 2024, Private Store lets you define tags for each installed application..
These tags enable end-users to classify and filter data: service name, domain, etc.
Store access authentication via LDAP directory
Access to the Store can be defined from an LDAP directory, including Active Directory, existing within the organization.
Install with Live Update: background operation
Updates to WINDEV applications deployed from a store are proposed automatically.
The update can now be downloaded in the background.
When the update is ready for installation, an Notification is displayed to the end user.
The update can then be carried out instantly from this Notification , or will be proposed when closing the application, or at the next opening.
This mode can be disengaged.
Application owner management
In Private Store, version 2024, the owner of an application can manage its various parameters (private, etc.) without having to call on the administrator.
Application history
The Private Store keeps an copy of each version of the proposed applications..
In version 2024, you can specify the maximum number of versions that will be kept by the Store.
Description of applications
The Private Store now displays the description of each proposed application.
An Private Store can contain Web application addresses
Private Store is used to reference applications and websites (via their Address) used within an organization..
These sites and applications are listed in the Store catalog.
  • setup support for the first application.
  • The address of the presenter/setup page of an application can be copied/pasted.
  • Improved Administrator password management.
  • Password creation with verification of security criteria.
Flexbox overview
Flexbox is an adaptive layout method that allows controls to be positioned relative to each other.
Although it is mostly used in web applications, this mode is also used on Windows and mobile devices, for controls with dynamic content (e.g., long text spanning over several lines or translation into several languages), or when a window is resized.
Controls are laid out in rows or columns, according to precise rules which are cumulative.
Positioning is relative rather than pixel-based.
Flexbox can be used on the entire window, or only on a group of controls.
A familiar example is the repositioning of fields in the Windows 11 settings window.
For more details, see The Flexbox control.
Available rules
An control Flexbox can be considered as a box.
Controls are positioned one after another, within a box (Flexbox control).
Key point: one or more of these controls can themselves be Flexbox controls.
First, indicate how controls should be positioned within each box: in rows or columns.
Then, indicate how the controls should react when the box or the other controls are resized: return to row or not, growth, discount, etc..
Apply this method to as many controls as necessary to define their positioning and resizing behavior.
An elevator appears automatically if necessary.
Behaviours are easily defined thanks to the 7-tab visual technology, which proposes all possible behaviours.
For more details, see The Flexbox control.
Examples of local use
Multilingual: texts translated into different languages almost always have different lengths! The size of the buttons changes, with the enlarging button pushing the other button..
Here, to keep buttons aligned at the bottom right of the window, when translating and/or when growth or reducing the window, an control Flexbox is the ideal solution..
For more details, see The Flexbox control.
Window application
Using flexboxes to organize an entire window solves the problem of repositioning when changing window size.
For more details, see The Flexbox control.
Table: add row number column
What user hasn't needed to know the number of lines in an table display?
In version 2024, a new AAF column displays row numbers.
Table: add a counter to any column type
As you know, end users have handy AAF s for adding a sum, average or counter to numerical columns..
In version 2024, the AAF Counter is now available for all column types.: text, etc..
Menu option: automatic validation
In version 2024, a new AAF allows you to specify a menu option using automatic validation.
Menu option: shortcut key
In version 2024, a new AAF allows you to associate a shortcut key with a menu choice..
Pressing this key in the window executes the menu selection.
Shortcut key: enter
In version 2024, AAF allows you to define the Enter key as a shortcut key.
AAF Graphe: set the limits and scale of a graph
A new AAF allows end-users to specify the bounds and scales of a graph's axes.
See new feature 025.
Type control available under Java
In version 2024, type control is available in Java. This makes it possible to handle fields generically in Java.
  • Field properties are available
  • The /=: operator is supported,
  • Compilation options are available in the internal components.
  • Null handling is available.
5 new Java functions
WLanguage offers 5 new functions for Java.
LINUX: Flexbox and cells
Flexbox and Cell fields are also supported under Linux version 2024.
LINUX: minimum versions
Linux applications generated with WINDEV require minimum versions of the distribution used..
In version 2024, operation is guaranteed from version:
  • Debian version 10,
  • Ubuntu version 22.04.2 LTS,
  • OpenSUSE version 15.4 (Leap),
  • CentOS version 8 (Stream).
Use with versions below these distributions is not guaranteed..
Other distributions may be used under your responsibility.
.NET 8 support
DotNet version 8 is supported for assembly use.
Variable nullable and DotNet
Variables of type nullable are now also handled during DotNet assembly calls.
Common new features
The language is the cornerstone of the development.
In version 2024, WLanguage in WINDEV is further enriched.
It benefits from common new features and many useful improvements: null handling, immutability, add your own functions to fields, drive access functions, RAR5, JWT protocol, DNS querying, new operators, etc..
See new features 094 to 137.
164 new constants
164 new constants are available in WLanguage in version 2024:
23 new types
23 new types of variables are available in WLanguage:
7 new field properties
7 new WLanguage properties are available for WINDEV.
ActivePlaneLa propiedad ActivePlane obtiene y establece el número del plano activo en una ventana, ventana interna o control Celda.
CalculationInProgressLa propiedad CalculationInProgress permite determinar si los datos de un control Tabla dinámica se están calculando (de forma síncrona o asíncrona).
IntervalXLa propiedad IntervalX obtiene el intervalo entre las marcas de graduación del eje X.
IntervalYLa propiedad IntervalY obtiene el intervalo entre las marcas de graduación del eje Y.
IntervalYSecondaryAxisLa propiedad IntervalYSecondaryAxis obtiene el intervalo entre las marcas de graduación del eje Y secundario.
LeftButtonLa propiedad LeftButton obtiene y establece las características de un botón ubicado en el lado izquierdo de un control Campo de entrada.
RightButtonLa propiedad RightButton obtiene y establece las características de un botón ubicado en el lado derecho de un control Campo de entrada.
106 new WLanguage functions for WINDEV
106 new WLanguage functions are available for WINDEV in version 2024:
ArrayToParametersConvierte un array de elementos en una lista de parámetros.
AuthImportTokenCrea un token de acceso a un servicio web a partir de una descripción de token en formato JSON.
Belgium.CheckTaxNumberComprueba la validez de un número de identificación fiscal de Bélgica.
BitcoinCoreBlockCountDevuelve el tamaño de la cadena de bloques conocida por el nodo Bitcoin (es decir, el número de bloques creados desde el 3 de enero de 2009). Esto permite, por ejemplo, calcular la fecha aproximada del próximo evento de "halving" (reducción a la mitad).
BitcoinCoreConfigureEspecifica los parámetros de conexión al servidor Bitcoin Core para utilizar las funciones BitcoinCoreXXXX.
BitcoinCoreDateTimeLatestBlockDevuelve la fecha y hora en que se creó el último bloque.
BitcoinCoreHashRateDevuelve el número de veces por segundo que se ha tenido que ejecutar la función sha256 para calcular el último bloque. Este número corresponde a una prueba de trabajo.
Brazil.CheckTaxNumberComprueba la validez de un número de identificación fiscal de Brasil.
Canada.CheckTaxNumberComprueba la validez de un número de identificación fiscal de Canadá.
CodeEditorCommentMarca como comentario la selección actual en el control Editor de código. Los caracteres "//" se insertan al principio de la línea actual.
CodeEditorCompileCompila el código WLanguage del control Editor de código y muestra los errores.
CodeEditorDeleteAllBorra el contenido del control Editor de código.
CodeEditorDuplicateLineDuplica la línea actual en el control Editor de código.
CodeEditorExecuteEjecuta el código WLanguage que se muestra en el control Editor de código.
CodeEditorGetErrorDevuelve los errores de compilación del código del control Editor de código.
CodeEditorInsertInserta una cadena en el control Editor de código.
CodeEditorLoadCarga un archivo de código WLanguage en un control Editor de código.
CodeEditorReplaceBusca y reemplaza una cadena en el control Editor de código.
CodeEditorSaveGuarda el contenido de un control Editor de código en un archivo.
CodeEditorSearchBusca una cadena o expresión regular en el control Editor de código.
CodeEditorUncommentQuita el comentario de la selección actual en el control Editor de código. Los caracteres "//" al principio de la línea actual se eliminan.
Conexión SaaSClientConnectionDevuelve las características de la conexión a la base de datos de clientes.
CurrentDayDevuelve el número del día actual del mes en curso.
DateToDayOfYearDevuelve el día del año que corresponde a una fecha determinada.
DNSQueryEnvía una consulta a un servidor DNS.
dpDriveConnectCrea una conexión a Dropbox.
DriveCopyDirectoryCopia un directorio a otro directorio en una unidad remota (Drive).
DriveCopyFileCopia un archivo único de un directorio a otro en una unidad remota.
DriveCreateDirectoryCrea un directorio en la unidad remota.
DriveCreateFileCrea un archivo en la unidad remota.
DriveDeleteDirectoryElimina un directorio y sus archivos de una unidad remota (Drive).
DriveDeleteFileElimina un archivo de una unidad remota (Drive).
DriveDownloadDirectoryDescarga un directorio y sus archivos de una unidad remota al equipo del usuario.
DriveDownloadFileDescarga un archivo de una unidad remota (Drive) al equipo del usuario.
DriveDownloadGglFileDescarga un archivo de Google Docs Editors desde Google Drive en un formato compatible determinado.
DriveListDirectoryCrea una lista de los directorios de una unidad (Drive).
DriveListFileCrea una lista de los archivos de un directorio ubicado en un servicio de almacenamiento (Drive).
DriveListFileGglCrea una lista de los archivos de Google Docs Editors (Docs, Sheets, etc.) que se encuentran en Google Drive.
DriveMoveDirectoryMueve un directorio y su contenido a otro directorio en una unidad remota.
DriveMoveFileMueve un archivo de un directorio a otro en una unidad remota.
DriveRenameCambia el nombre de un archivo o directorio en una unidad remota.
DriveUploadDirectorySube un directorio y su contenido a una unidad remota.
DriveUploadFileSube un archivo local a una unidad remota (Drive).
France.CheckTaxNumberComprueba la validez de un número de identificación fiscal de Francia.
GeometryAreaCalcula el área de una geometría determinada.
GeometryContainDetermina si la geometría A contiene a la geometría B.
GeometryConvexHullCalcula la envoltura convexa de la geometría especificada.
GeometryCorrectDevuelve una versión corregida de la geometría especificada.
GeometryCoverDetermina si la geometría A cubre la geometría B.
GeometryCoveredByDetermina si cada punto de la geometría A se encuentra dentro o en el límite de la geometría B.
GeometryDifferenceDevuelve una geometría que representa la diferencia entre dos geometrías.
GeometryIntersectVerifica si la intersección de dos geometrías no genera un conjunto vacío.
GeometryIntersectionDevuelve una geometría que representa la intersección de dos geometrías.
GeometryIsValidVerifica si la geometría especificada es válida según los estándares OGC.
GeometryPerimeterCalcula el perímetro de una geometría determinada (polígono o multipolígono).
GeometrySerializeDSVSerializa una geometría utilizando el formato DSV especificado.
GeometrySerializeWKTSerializa una geometría utilizando el formato WKT (Well-Known Text).
GeometrySymmetricDifferenceCalcula la diferencia simétrica entre dos geometrías.
GeometryTouchDetermina si dos geometrías se tocan.
GeometryUnionDevuelve una geometría que representa la combinación de dos geometrías.
GeometryWithinDetermina si la geometría A está completamente dentro de la geometría B (es decir, la geometría B contiene completamente a la geometría A).
Germany.CheckTaxNumberComprueba la validez de un número de identificación fiscal de Alemania.
GglDriveConnectCrea una conexión a Google Drive.
gpwListUserObtiene la lista de usuarios del Groupware Usuario.
grColumnBarTypeDefine el tipo de barra utilizado en un gráfico de columnas.
grWaffleSizeDefine el número de filas y columnas de un gráfico Waffle.
grWaffleTypeCellDefine la forma de las celdas de un gráfico Waffle.
GuidedTourChangeStepCambia a otra etapa de la visita guiada.
GuidedTourInfoDevuelve información sobre una visita guiada.
GuidedTourStartInicia la visita guiada y muestra la primera etapa.
GuidedTourStopDetiene la visita guiada actual u otra visita guiada especificada.
HDataSourceKnownPermite saber si se ha inicializado una fuente de datos.
HInfoItemRightsObtiene los permisos concedidos a un usuario o grupo sobre un campo.
HListFileReturns the list of files:
  • analysis in progress.
  • of analyses in progress (case of projects with multiple analyses).
  • specific analysis recognized by the HFSQL engine.
  • available on an Native Connector or OLE DB driver connection.
  • for a group of files defined in the data model editor.
HModifyItemRightsModifica los permisos concedidos a un usuario o grupo sobre un campo de un archivo de datos HFSQL Client/Server.
HOpenComplementaryAnalysisAbre un nuevo análisis, pero conserva el análisis principal de la aplicación.
HQueryExecutedDetermina si se ha ejecutado una consulta.
HRSIgnoreErrorIgnora los errores para que la replicación entre servidores HFSQL pueda seguir ejecutándose.
InGuidedTourModeIndica si hay una visita guiada en curso.
Italy.CheckTaxNumberComprueba la validez de un número de identificación fiscal de Italia.
Linestring2DAddPointAgrega un nuevo punto a una polilínea 2D.
LinestringGeoAddPointAgrega un nuevo punto a una polilínea geográfica.
MarkdownLinkAgrega un enlace en una cadena Markdown. Esto permite agregar un enlace en un control que admita el formato Markdown.
NotifPushSendSubscriberEnvía una notificación a los dispositivos Android suscritos a un tema.
oDriveConnectCrea una conexión a OneDrive.
PDFSignAplica una firma de aprobación a un PDF existente.
PVTCalculateAllAsynchronousCalcula o recalcula todo el contenido de un control Tabla dinámica sin bloquear la aplicación.
PVTCalculateUpdateAsynchronousActualiza una parte de los datos que se encuentran en un control Tabla dinámica a partir de una fecha determinada sin bloquear la aplicación.
RedisDisconnectCierra una conexión con un servidor o clúster de Redis.
SaaSChangePasswordCambia la contraseña del usuario conectado.
SaaSCheckServiceComprueba los derechos de acceso del usuario a un servicio del sitio SaaS.
SaaSConnectAutentica a un usuario de un sitio SaaS al lado del servicio web SaaS que administra el sitio.
SaaSConnectedUserDevuelve el usuario actualmente conectado a través de SaaSConnect.
SaaSDisconnectDesconectar al usuario de un sitio SaaS junto al servicio web SaaS que gestiona el sitio.
SaaSIsConnectedDefine si la conexión con el servicio web SaaS sigue establecida.
SaaSReadSiteParameterLee una información específica del cliente para el sitio SaaS actual.
SaaSWriteSiteParameterGuarda una información específica para un sitio SaaS en la configuración de una cuenta de cliente..
Spain.CheckTaxNumberComprueba la validez de un número de identificación fiscal de España.
Switzerland.CheckTaxNumberComprueba la validez de un número de identificación fiscal de Suiza.
UnitedStates.CheckTaxNumberComprueba la validez de un número de identificación fiscal de Estados Unidos.
UTF8ValidVerifica la validez de una cadena UTF-8.
WBAdminDeleteApplicationElimina una aplicación de un WEBDEV Application Server.
WBAdminListApplicationDevuelve la lista de aplicaciones en un WEBDEV Application Server, para una cuenta y un tipo determinados.
WLanguageCodeFormatAplica formato al código WLanguage: resaltado de sintaxis, estandarización de estilos, sangría, traducción, etc.
WLanguageCodeGetCSSDeclarationsDevuelve la hoja de estilo CSS que corresponde a un tema del código WLanguage.
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